Carolina Mountains Golf Packages

Carolina Mountains Golf

Carolina Mountains Golf Packages

Carolina Mountains Golf Packages

It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful setting for golf than the majestic mountains of Western North Carolina. Travelers have known about the beauty of North Carolina’s Mountains for more than a century. Lowlanders traveled to the mountains to escape the summertime heat long before golf came to America. When the game of golf did blossom, it didn’t take long for the Carolina Mountains to embrace it.

The mountain region starts in the extreme western corner beside the Tennessee and Georgia borders and runs eastward through the city of Asheville, NC and into the northwest corner of the state.

The lure of the mountains offered a unique design challenge to the dean of American course designers, Donald Ross. He designed several courses in Western North Carolina, including the former Asheville Country Club (now the Grove Park Inn resort course). His goal was to provide a challenge to players of all abilities. No matter where you choose to spend your Carolina Mountain Golf Vacation, you will be impressed with the scenic beauty and special feeling of the mountains.

One of our many mountain favorites is Etowah Valley Country Club and Lodge located near Asheville in Hendersonville, NC. Etowah is truly a beautiful setting where the Great Smoky Mountains weave through the Blue Ridge, creating a scenic mountain plateau 2,200 feet high.

Another beautiful area is the Lake Lure Resort featuring the Apple Valley and Bald Mountain golf courses. The resort has recently been renamed “Rumbling Bald Resort”, an indian name for the area. According to legend, the rumbling of the mountains was used to forecast storms.

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